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Space Elevator – Lift me up to a radwaste repository

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By the end of May 2014, German Government launched a new commission in order to find a safer final radwaste repository than the former Gorleben venue- within the next two years! A generous middle-term perspective. Solid Decisions will be made in Summer 2016, first construction results expected by 2032 – Let me be part of the Jam – I smell a mix of safe income and a future building.

It was only of short notice in the German media, but it began with the strange quote of one of the spokesmen, that this commission is going to find a safe place for all our radiowaste disposals – for probably about the next 20.000 to one million years.

That’s a big – and ridiculous challenge for this commission.

Even the newsspeakers presented in a slightly cynical way: this commission is going to find within the next two years a safe place for everlasting safe radiowaste disposals – and hereby quoted the impossible task of this committee.

So here is my Space Elevator Shortcut Proposal:

I think, the most perfect and ultimate place for radioactive disposials for the next 25.000 somewhat years will be in the sun, admidst of the sun – How to get that shit there? Make use of the coming space elevator industries. Believe, trust, invest & succeed, get rid, and get rich.

The Techniques behind

First acquaintances I made by Arthur C. Clarke, later by Frank Schätzing, of course by Wikipedia, and nowadays by a Google Alert for Space Elevator news in English.

They even have a Conference – in August – in Seattle. There are different approaches, nano tubes or other materials, towers pp. and so on …

In this text I want to refer to or focus on the problem of radio active waste disposal. Okay, even to a space elevator there will be transportation of radwaste thru our country, with a certain risk, but it will be the last risk for a long time. With such a perspective, with such an argumentation, you could support future Castor-transports instead of protesting against them … for a final getting rid of the problem, there would be sympathies and thumbs up on the way to – probably to the equator – sounds like adventures, and relief in case it works out, doesn’t it?

The given techniques: you no longer use rocketfuel, and the prices for any kilo you get up in space will drop to a hundredst part – putting things in orbit will become quite cheap.You can put everything into orbit and choose what to do. Put up more ISS, build more Spaceships. Whatever. A N D: getting rid of radwaste will be easy, cheap and efficient. The castor containers could easily be adjusted to the clamps of the Space Elevator (or vice versa).

They’ll get lifted to the Orbit, to zero gravity or even more – and with wise good mathematics you could send these containers to the sun – give them time and just a little push, send them on a two or five years journey into the middle of the sun.

The Profit / capital gratification

A Space Elevator Technology will offer an enormous potential of profit – so let’s keep us greedy.

just focus on waste disposal, Garbage disposal has always been a good business. And everywhere – some do gain 20 euros by picking up empty bottles, stealing copper or train tracks, other gain millions by running the Big Business.. So why don’t they invest into a space elevator research?

With the German Commission they are really going to spend loads of money for a place they’ll never going to find, particularly not within the next 2 years – Then they’ll start a follow-up 15-year-long expertise – till 2032 – just to get the first ultimatley safe radwaste reps, probably built in the 2060ies. You know how ridiculously bureaucratic that sounds? You know how much money that will eat?

The personnell, these selfserving chaps in the club? Those guys will enjoy a regular income for the next 20 years – without changing nothing. They will just feed their families and pick up infamously overpriced incomes.

In Germany it seems, they are going to simply work out a 50 years pension plan on this matter – which involve heavy expertise costs, human manpower, loads of well paid talking times – and to tell truth: for no solution. Because their task was simply to big from the very beginning – All these moneys could be much better invested into space elevator technologies research – for a solution that is one.

How about Vision?

In the 1960ies there was already a vision – to fly to the moon – for this, incredibly loads of money were put into a vision – and they made it, somehow on a digital stoneage level. now it no longer takes us to the moon but beyond – by the way, when it comes to radwaste: who is really going to spoil his backyard for the next decades, when this is a possible future human settle ground? So sent the rubbish directly into the sun, and take advantage of the other possibilities of a space elevator.

The Space Elevator is a technology that maybe needs a fifty or a hundred years to getting into a solid working existence – the more you invest, the more you progress – the more state-funded research exists, the faster it will bring on results. Just remember: flying to the moon as well as the widespread nuclear energy programs have been results of massive state-funded industrial and scientific support.

Now it’s time to invest big money into the development of the Space Elevator – scientifically it’s so much closer than that “beam me up, Scotty”- Thing – it’s close to our hands.

I’m really looking forward to the forthcoming Space Elevator Conference in Seattle, starting 22 august 2014 – although I’m just participating by conference blog and newsletter.


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